Facility Maintenance Company Van Nuys

JK janitorial service is a facility maintenance establishment founded in Van Nuys, Los Angeles in early 1996. JK janitorial service presents quality commercial cleaning services that furnish individuals to make cost-effective trades that glorify Almighty. We provide the services you demand, with the reliability you deserve.

Since the beginning, we have attempted for benchmark quality, customer centric approach, uncompromising business ethics, timeless values, transparency, and in-house research in all areas of business conduct, making JK janitorial service a chosen facility maintenance company. Our top-quality implementation potential is one of our fundamental intensities. As of now, we have used to clean and maintain thousands of square feet of commercial office space and manufacturing facilities throughout the Los Angeles area. JK janitorial is an organization where quality meets superiority; technology meets aesthetics and desire meet excellence.

Vision: Alter the way people distinguish ‘Excellence.’

Mission: No shortcuts to ‘Quality.’

Philosophy: Passion at ‘Work.’

Janitorial Services:

JK janitorial delivers all the services our customers necessitate, which include: Thorough cleaning of furniture, upholstery, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, ceilings cleaning, window cleaning, kitchen cleaning, sanitizing, restroom cleaning, floor buffing, floor waxing, vacuuming, dusting, and more.

Natural Stone Maintenance

Commercial buildings were reluctant to install natural stone due to the fact it would be hard to maintain. But again in recent times, many office buildings and residential area start to decorate their zone by using natural stones. The good news is JK Janitorial Services can make quick work of stone maintenance. Whether you have natural stone in your kitchenette, restroom, some other area of your home or your commercial place, those persistent blemishes and scratch marks do not stay a chance. It will look so new as it appears in the day it was fitted. And JK janitorial has been restoring natural stone for over 15 years. Terrazzo, limestone, marble and concrete surfaces refinished are services provided by our skilled experts which can be added to your service agreements.

natural stone care

Stainless Steel Scratch Removal:

JK janitorial service Van Nuys offers scratch removal and stainless steel restoration on all stainless steel surfaces. In a precise domain, all of our stainless steel sinks, appliances and counters would persist as perfect as the day we purchased them. Unluckily, the existence of abrasive cleaners, pots, and pans, scouring pads and numerous other causes can set aside ugly abrasions on stainless steel. So here is the happy news, no more worry about scratches on your stainless steel. We will provide you the best solution for this.

At JK Janitorial Services we are dedicated to serving you keep your home healthy, clean, and always looking its best. The ultimate solution to difficult cleaning, natural stone maintenance, complete cleaning of the house or office and the elimination of scratches on stainless steel and much more, is just a phone call away. The JK Janitorial Service also provides our services to schools, pre-k, medical, industrial T.V., recording studios, fitness centers, and more. Effective cleaning and maintenance of each area will improve its classic beauty and uniqueness for years.